Day-offs and Public Holidays

Been a while my dearest blog.

I am back with lots of thoughts and words that needed to escape my consciousness without any desire to grab attention. I am just here to share what’s on my mind like a Facebook status. Hey, I feel that I have more sophistication to share through WordPress and then share it Facebook. It makes me feel like a real blogger 😉

To start with, remember when I used to complain about having one day-off not enough? I finally had it after such a long time as I was given a 2 consecutive day off (normal off plus a public holiday). I have a word to describe it: BORING!

Here’s the deal: If I was in my normal self, I am probably walking along the streets of Abu Dhabi City, or Dubai, or any mall my feet would take me at this very moment. Like how my aunt used to say, I am a certified LAGATAW which in international language means “A person who likes to travel or walk a lot”. But here I am, bounded by household chores and self-cleaning (Referring to mani pedi and etc.). It just works for the best: Saving money and contemplating on what lies ahead.

Oh you betcha, I have been contemplating a lot in the last two days. Can’t event count how much thoughts have passed through my neurons, let alone the memories that have been lurking in my cerebral cortex, nor the visions and imaginations cooking inside my head for the last 24 hours (less the hours spent for net browsing and social media). Those who know me best would often say “You are over-thinking stuff again”. Well If I don’t over-think, then who am I? 😀

To the people I care about the most, I would like to apologize if you have beaten your tongue a couple of times today or if you stumbled out of the blue (this is a superstitious belief in Philippines) cause 97% chances are, I may have been thinking of you either yesterday or today :).

I missed you and as far as the situations we are in, I may be missing a lot of stuff in the future too. Let me remind you though, one more time: I AM THINKING OF YOU. So take care!

To sum up, here are the words to the song PEOPLE, “People alone may go very fast but maybe not so far”.

All I am saying is, you may have all your requested Day-Off or Holidays all at one (plus vacation), but without anyone to spend it with (cause they may be back in the Philippines or Working or just simply busy with their own lives)… then it is just BORING!

*I got a chance to exchange words with Aedrian, miss you!
**Mary Rose arrived from work so I have somebody to watch Pitch Perfect 2 in Dalma
***Everything happens according to HIS masterplan.
****Smile, it is a beautiful life.


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