Say it

When i close my eyes at night,

your face engulfs my mind.

I see your eyes, your smile,

so gentle, trusting and kind.

I keep wondering why,

it’s different when you look at me.

Whenever you hold my hand,

I am stonger than I used to be.

I ask myself if you feel the same,

or should i stop my heart from believing?

That you and i feel the same beating,

Coz I could not risk this heart from breaking.

Am i the sun in your everyday?

Or the rain that nourishes you?

Or the stars you don’t tire of counting?

Or the dream you wish to come true?

Is this real, I am pleading.

Shall i trust the signs i see?

Set me free from this dreaming,

I’ll let go and let it be.

Do not prolong the agony,

Save me from this mysery.

Say it, free me from this distress.

Love me, bring me happiness.