Daily Prompt: Subdued

via Daily Prompt: Subdued


Do you remember?

The first day I saw your face, and how you made my heart skip a beat?

The first time our eyes met, and how that moment felt like a lifetime?

The first words we’ve spoken, those hi’s and hello’s,

And how other people noticed and teased and probed?


Do you remember?

When your friends would call my name when the teacher’s not there,

And I would look back and see your beaming smile?

Then, I would act upset and look at you with animosity,

but deep inside I cannot breathe, and it is hard keeping it.


Do you remember?

When we used to walk home together with friends and acquaintances,

Who somehow knows the truth behind the glances, the words we dare not speak?

It was something we understood, but too afraid to explore.

Yes, it was something, I thought I was sure there was more.


Do you remember?

When one day you left without a goodbye?

I was left behind, asking, still hoping to see your smile.

And I did see your smile, once in a while from a distance.

What have I not done in those rare moments to see that precious smile?


Do you remember?

The time I saw you with someone else,

and how it broke my heart into several pieces?

Pretending all is well, and that it meant nothing,

and kept those subdued feelings I cried for in the evening.


Do you remember?

How people teased me more, for thinking that there would be someday for us?

For staying loyal to my feelings, while you forgot yours?

But I held myself together and kept my poise.

For it is useless to feel sorry if you do not want me to be yours.


Do you remember?

The day you came and asked what I was waiting for, for many years?

Thinking I was still feeling the same way I had for you after many years.

It came unexpectedly, or just because I was not expecting any more.

It was a little too late to be bold, the feelings are no more.


Do you remember?

I know you don’t.

For there is nothing to remember, but what was told.

There are questions of what could have been and it is alright.

For what have become of us turned out right.